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Possibly the last Issue

18th Shielding 996

The End of the World is Nigh!

The entire country is in chaos, three massive armies whose ranks are swelling as they travel south through the country, seem to be converging on the South East of Ithron. The walls of Norham that have stood protecting this nations capital since they were built over five hundred years ago lie in smoldering piles of rubble. Ever since the appearance of the mist around the city a week ago an oppressive atmosphere has hung over Norham. Two nights ago the walls, containing the three Griffon Knight keeps, crumbled to dust with a total loss of life of thirty four, twenty six of them Griffon Knights. Similar mists have been reported near the Templar and Black Order Keeps in Labry and Newcroft. Nothing has been heard from the Grey Knights in Barrenley for two weeks. The Knights Garrisons in Portsdean and Caer Marw are busy suppressing the local cult activities.

It has been confirmed that an army of an estimated ten thousand undead of various types, that appear to be raised from the Battle of Norham two hundred years ago, is advancing slowly North towards the capital. The other armies consisting of The Clerics of Nazarovs Ascension, The Burning Ones and The Prophets of the Damned seem to be gaining in popular support, whilst they head South and reports at this time suggest that if the three armies should join together they would field about eight thousand troops. The knighthoods will not be able to mobilise in time to reach Southoaks so it has been decided they will be held back to aid in the defence of Norham. Confusion is rife throughout all of the Orders of Knights with the recent death of Ithron's most noble and brave son, Sir Robin, so recently, we must ask ourselves if this was an assassination. Holder of the position of Acting Knight Commander is Sir Mortimar of the Griffon Knights, but a permanent Knight Commander will be chosen at the muster near Southoaks.

When the Templars and Black Knights of Labry march to join the Griffons of Norham there will be less than a thousand Knights standing against the undead attacking the defenseless city of Norham. The six hundred Black Knights of Newcroft and the four hundred Grey Knights of Barrenley are being ordered to Norham but may not reach the city in time. Witchfinder Shokah Wolf will be organising the bulk of the School of Necromancy in the defense of the city itself, even though he was left magically powerless after a recent encounter with Fezna Hadil, `The Man in Black' in Esca. During the same visit Hadil apparently recaptured the Golden Horse statue, that is of great importance to him and left Isllwynon, the Primate of Side, and Silk Moonbrow, Defender of the Faith of Longstor, permanently blind.

The mental and emotional state of the Guildscouncil is still under investigation after the murder of every living relative of every Guildscouncillor was confirmed, a statement by Guildmaster Alchemist Redswift stated "I will not rest until those responsible for these crimes receive swift and fatal justice." Reports from witnesses suggest that Chadra Nazarov, `The Royal Assassin' was responsible for the twelve murders. The Axirian Consul, Sebato, has now left Ithron for emergency talks in Axir with Axirian military advisors and he is expected back within a month, leaving Hadrian, Guildscouncil Secretary in his place.

Reports of earth tremors around the city of Portsdean are as yet unconfirmed but units from the Guilds of Physicians, Mages and Guards have been sent with the refugees that are apparently fleeing North from the city. It has been confirmed that the Griffon towers to the North of Portsdean have been destroyed following the tremors that followed Lord Cador's death.

The Tower of High Sorcery in Barrenley is beginning to collapse, a Mages Guild spokesman stated that although the magical `core' of the tower was untouched it seems as though the stones and mortar of the main building are aging years everyday. The mages and libraries are being evacuated to the Tower of All Magics near Norham, but they may have to be re-directed elsewhere if Norham is to be declared lost.

Signs of three also seem to be having their effects on the country, during the past few months the Church of Vleybor's building policy is coming back to haunt them, with the coffers empty after Godpers reign, the Vleyborian Chapels in Esca, Corven and Portsdean collapsed on single nights, leaving nothing but rubble, in all but the Escan case. The Escan chapel has been temporarily repaired by High Father Starack himself, but why is he not healing the needy of Norham in this, Ithron's direst hour. Have even the gods turned their backs on us?

It seems as if Burning One activity has reached a crucial point in Darian with rumours of the town council completely corrupted by the cult being confirmed or denied by both sides. Ebeneezer Clegg, Guild Treasurer Alchemist, is still bed ridden after having his soul flayed by Hadil after insulting him recently in Bolteen.

With Master Necromancer Me Tis of Mercia dead, before his planned counter offensive against the Necropolis could be launched, and Master Enchanter Hapgood of Labry almost mentally destroyed, the countries two foremost researchers and experts on the coming apocalypse are both out of the picture, the future of this fair land of ours looks very bleak.

An official statement made on behalf of the Guildscouncil and the Axirian Consul regarding the Declaration of War against Fezna Hadil and the three cults. The Axirian Consul promises that one thousand Axirian Legionnaires will be landing within a week, east of Brighthelm, and almost one thousand Giadunese Mercenaries will be staging a landing East of Southoaks, but even with these allies the odds will be overwhelmingly stacked against us, when we finally stand at Southoaks.

Declaration of a State of War

From: Hadrian, Undercouncil Secretary to the Guildscouncillors of the Norham Provinces and spokesman for Axirian Consul Sebato, High Optimate Supreme of the Ambassadoriat Axiriat.
To: The Loyal Subjects of the Norham Provinces under the Protective Wing of the Emperor of Axir

"This is an announcement to inform you, the populace, that a state of war now exists between the man known as Fezna Hadil, also known as The Man in Black or The Konnish Ambassador, and the Empire of Axir and all of it's loyal subjects of the Norham Provinces. The only known allies that this man openly has are Chadra Nazarov, the Royal Assassin, and Rouvin Molimo, the Royal Demonologist. His is also believed to be responsible for raising the dead around Norham and has ties with The Clerics of Nazarovs Ascension, The Prophets of the Damned and The Burning Ones.

All Guildmasters and Primates are hereby ordered to attend the muster four miles west of Southoaks and if they are unable to attend they must send an appointed representative. Failure to do so will be seen as sedition and the individuals will be tried as traitors against the Empire.

All the active members of the Guilds, Churches and Knighthoods who do not receive a personal note to report to their respective superiors within the next two days, must assume that they are to report to the mustering point four miles west of Southoaks A.S.A.P.

The fall of Norham must never be permitted and therefore Ithrons first stand must be on the plains of Norham.

All Knights who receive mustering orders should head for Norham and not their Order's Keeps. The Knighthoods will be mustered on the plains of Norham to defend the city from the undead incursion.

A Mages Guild research post has been established near Southoaks and massive planar shifts have been detected. All evidence at this time, along with astrological information, seems to point to a conjunction of planes, star clusters and prophecies above and around Southoaks and this seems to point to the most likely arrival point of the Last Honest Man, more information on this apparently crucial person will hopefully be provided by the Knights currently investigating this situation. It is for these reasons and the fact that the three cults armies seem to be converging on Southoaks that Ithron's second stand must be on the plains West of Southoaks.

All Guards, Foresters, Mercenaries and Scouts who receive mustering orders should report to the mustering point twenty five miles west of Southoaks. The Ithronian army will consist of Guards, Foresters, Mercenaries, Scouts and Militia and should number approximately one thousand troops and will be supported by the Axirian and Giadunese armies.

Anyone with information concerning the prophecies or anyone who actually has the prophesies, please bring them to the mustering point four miles west of Southoaks, if you approach any of the Guards or Foresters keeping the great North Road open then you will be given an armed escort to Southoaks. We know that the aforementioned Fezna Hadil is a self proclaimed immortal who for some reason seems to be determined to bring the apocalypse upon this country, we believe that this is directly linked in some way to his missing or absent wife. He is a Necromancer of phenomenal power and if encountered, under no circumstances is anybody to approach him, but they are to report his location to the nearest Guard or Forester so that dispatches can be sent back to the Guildscouncil.

All noble houses are hereby ordered by the Emperor of Axir to take responsibility for enforcing his laws on their own land from the Guild of Guards and Foresters, thereby leaving them free to take the field of battle. The Statement concerning the outlawing of Necromancy is hereby repealed, leaving the School of Necromancy free to deal with the undead threat. Failure to comply with any of these orders by any of the noble houses will be seen as treason against the Emperor himself.

All free men of Ithron are hereby ordered in the name of the Emperor of Axir to head to your nearest town or city with a hand weapon or bow and report for militia duty, under no circumstances should anybody attempt to reach the city of Norham, due to the state of emergency there. The people from the land surrounding Norham should head for the towns of Labry and Darian where special measures are being taken.

All farmers of Ithron are hereby ordered in the name of the Emperor of Axir to have two-thirds of all produce ready for transportation by the local militia to the nearest town of city within one week, militia units will then be posted on all farms. Compensation will be paid in full by the Emperor, at such a time as the paymaster can pay the stipend.

I swear with all of the Seven Gods as my witness that I will willingly lay down my life in the defense of Ithron and I pray with all my heart that we do not all have to pay such a price. We will not give up this country without a fight the likes of which has never and will never be seen again and if we should all die then the very heart of the country will forever remember our names, fellow Ithronians."

Poetry Corner: Back by popular demand, this week it's a readers poem.

Poor little Nathan sat on a wall,
Poor little Nathan had a great fall,
All the guilds nurses,
And Foresters men,
Couldn't put that worm, back together again.
Anony Mouse of Norham

News from Darian!

Fellow Humans of Darian, how is it that elsewhere in this lad that we call Ithron, the Elves stay out of the affairs of humans, yet as the Elves in our area rampage through the lands, accusing our Griffon Order of murder, then laying siege to our capital and allowing barbarian nations to calmly march their armies through our country, for which we have fought so hard to be free. Is it any wonder that we have Dark Elves on Darian City Council.

It is no wonder that the people are losing their identity, with the council renaming our fair city. We are being invaded, we are in imminent danger of being over run by fearsome wolves accompanied by Elven warriors heading from the Ealdenshary Forest, east of Daratasrae. No doubt they are in league with that half wolf Banquo, whom has been acting as a crazed wolf, drinking blood and sacrificing Longstorians, Why is it that silver acts like a venom on him?

Remember all of these things, for our lives are in danger. If our nations capital can be laid siege to, what chance has our smaller community? If people can seriously believe that a Sidhean Order of Knights is capable of murderous acts, then we are in grave danger indeed, for we won't see our fall until it happens.

Humans of Darian, wake up and see what is happening to our land, we must join forces together to defend our lives, our homes, our families and our country from this inhuman barbaric alliance that is sweeping down on us. If Norham should ever fall then it will only be a matter of time before all the smaller communities come under the sword.

Keep your eyes open for bargains in this publication: Erasmus S. De Carlisle, Paymaster and Overseer of the Imperial Mint in Norham has some fine bargains for you this month for selective clientele. Firstly, For Sale: A four storey Casino, Restaurant, Gentlemans Club and Brothel all in one. The old management failed some hygiene regulations so "The Beddows Building" is for sale with all fittings and staff included for only 350/-. Contact Erasmus S. De Carlisle at the Southoaks muster.

Is Kharach Dead????

The Church of Kharach received two massive blows this week when the church reports were made public. The first being that Erasmus S. De Carlisle announced a new `Idle Tax' on all Guild and Church money over 1000/- that sits idle. Following the announcement Erasmus issued a tax demand to the Church for 450/- and was duly presented with the money for the Axirian Crusade Fund. This all happened while the primate was busy in Grimsburg.

The second blow came in the report of status figures for the seven churches, Kharach is the first church in recorded history to have a status in single figures. The church status fell to a total of nine earlier this year. The membership, of the one church we would look to more than the others in such times as these, has dwindled as the undead menace grows almost unchecked. When will the Church of Kharach once more be a force to be reckoned with on Ithronian soil.

Full status lists will be published in any future publications of this Sidhean sponsored Journal.

Learn to Fight the Traldan Way at High Father Mulberry's School of Battle: Using the latest methods and the gifts of our Lady Tralda, High Father Mulberry can show you how to survive, undead attacks, foulspawn invasions, and much, much more. Special introductory price offered, so book now. Contact: High Father Mulberry at the Blue Boar Inn, Labry.

A Statement on Necromancy

Due to the scurrilous allegations currently circulating Ithron as to the nature of necromancers and their arts, I feel the time has come for me to speak out.

Necromancy seems to have received a bad reputation recently, it is my firmly held belief that this has come about due to the nefarious actions of the self style Konnish Ambassador, Hadil. I am not and have never been an evil man. My purpose is to destroy undead, not create them, and to make Sortho and Ithron a safe place to reside in. Primate Isllwynon of the Church of Sidhe is "living" proof of this, since my arts enabled her to continue her existence and her work for the church. I am available to talk to any who would wish it, in an effort to put an end to this atmosphere of suspicion and mistrust without, of course, compromising guild matters.

Our very existence relies upon all manner and class of people working together to maintain peace, stability and general goodwill. Don't let this outsider ruin what we have striven for and attained so far.

Judge Shokah Wolf

Witchfinder General of Sortho and Ithron

Calling All warriors of Ithron: If you are attending the muster at Southoaks, you may want to have a chat with Gwayn Whitehart, Armourer to Lord Hood of Southoaks. He's the best armourer in Southoaks, he's the cheapest armourer in Southoaks, he's the only armourer in Southoaks. Any weapons or armour purchased must be through Gwayn and his large team of skilled armourers, as must all armour repairs over the weekend muster. Also selling at the weekend, there will be two Sorthonian Weapons makers with hundreds of arrows and piles of weapons to sell, near the Tavern, Saturday at the muster.

A Letter from Lord Lawrence Undead Knight of the Four Orders

To the people of Ithron and the Knights Council.

Sir Mortimar talks of foul evil stalking the land yet he does no know, that when the land is destroyed it is my kind that will rule. I wish it to be known that any knight breaking off from the brotherhood of Knights is welcome to join my order, as I now have none of the former prejudices forced upon me by the Griffon Order.

Greetings to my old fried the King I hope he does not have too many sores from sitting on his arse all day, as I believe he cannot even see his toes anymore. Young Mortimar will be crushed, and Sir Robin Knight Commander of Ithron or his successor I will destroy you, humiliate you, burn you and then roast the other knights in your embers as I did with the weak Huntsmaster Grenville Green, Nathan Wind will pay for the damage that Grenville inflicted upon my numbers.

I will see you all rot,

Sir Lawrence of Norham

Magical Items Wanted: Any and all magical items or charged scrolls will be bought. Reasonable rates paid, contact Judge Shokah Wolf, Witchfinder General of Sortho and Ithron, Caer Marw Castle, Sortho.

Prophecies Discovered!

Recently pages from a book of prophecies, also known as the "Book of Fezna" have been found. One in Portsdean, one and Daratesrae, and one in Labry. Many of you already know about them. It is very important for the future of our Nation, and possibly the future of our whole world, that all possible pages of these documents are brought together to be studied. If any more pages are found, please send a copy of it to The Knowledge Society, and a Guildscouncil member, immediately. We will send anyone who asks, copies of the others that we have. They are important but confusing words, and we must all study them in order to get some meaning of the challenges ahead. Those people in possession of the originals, should make sure that it gets sent to future gatherings (especially the summer) so that they can be examined, in case there is anything inherently magical or otherwise important about the pages themselves.

If anyone wants to discuss anything to do with the prophecies or related topics please see myself or Master Morrigan of Esca.

Hapgood Guillaume Wollstone of Labry,
Dean of magical studies for the Knowledge Society,
Master of Physicology and Artifacture.

Are You Fed Up ? Are you fed up with getting Agony from Alshanti, Demands from Demons, Grief from Guards, Hassle from Half Orcs, Magic by Mages, Orders from Ogres or Strop from the Scouts. If so, be a man*, join the posse with a plan, the Guild of Foresters, Applications to:

Silk Moonbrow Huntsman of the North, Defender of the Faith of Longstor, of Grimsburg.

*Women also accepted (but it didn't rhyme).

Calling All Witches

On the Morning of the 20th day of Shielding 996, all witches are invited to attend a public meeting, in a dark alley just on the outskirts of Norham, in order to state their case before Judge Shokah Wolf. Every case is to be judged on its own merits, please bring conclusive (or even inconclusive) evidence along.

For Sale: The Barony and the surrounding Lands of the Valley of Gwynevon, situated just between Labry, Darian and Mercia. The Title is being sold to pay the `Death Duty' following the Baron's recent death. The price is 1000/-, O.N.O. Contact Erasmus S. De Carlisle, Paymaster at the Southoaks muster.

Vincent has left the Building

Unconfirmed reports, that Nighthawk murder victim, Vincent "The Hairnet" Lascelles is alive and well after the attempted hit. The Nighthawks who claim to have successfully performed the hit, say it was a successfully assassination. Members of "The Kings" fanclub claim that they have the decapitated and laid to rest body and that he is alive and working in a Fish shop in Grimsburg

Members of the Guild of Alchemists

In conjunction with the mobilization of the other Guilds, the Alchemist's Guild orders active members to report for duty at Southoaks on the 23rd day of this month. A Guild meeting will be taking place at this time, please bring relevant records and documentation for inspection by Guild Officials.

Guild Licenses have now been issued to all members who have contacted the Guildmaster. Anyone selling alchemy without a valid license shall be considered an illegal alchemist, and as such shall be dealt with by the guild.

New research regulations have been approved by the Undercouncil, details can be obtained at your local Guild Office.

Owing to the recent deaths of his close family, the Guildmaster will be unable to reply to correspondence at present, but he has asked me to assure Guildmembers that he will be with them at Southoaks.

Figaro d'Attignon

Secretary to the Guildmaster

Anyone for a Flutter? Play "Father Gart's purse", the exciting way to donate to the church of Tralda, and coming to a fest near you soon. Simply put your name and a donation in a sealed bag. At the end of the fest one bag is chosen at random, and the lucky winner received ten times their donation from the "purse pool". All other proceeds go directly to the church. You know you want to, its fun, its legal, and it's going to annoy Joseph, High Primate of Norham. N.B. It can't be a fiddle coz' Gart's the Primate.

Berwickshire Wars Against Ithron's Merchants

Believe it or not, a civil war raged this past two months within Ithron. It is a war of commerce, but war nonetheless, and it wavers on a thin line above open aggression. The opening salvos were the trade embargo emplaced by the whim of Ithron's nobles upon Newcroft. For a month, while the guildscouncil talked, Newcroft teetered on the brink of economic collapse. Last month the currency fell, and many foresaw a ruin to the northern port far greater than the ravages of the White Liche who sacked the town last year.

But these predictions came in ignorance of the trading consortium House Mercurius, whose influence has made itself known in Newcroft for over a year, and recently centred its operations there. It is this Mercurius who has saved Newcroft from the brink, and brought its merchants out of debt and in so doing has invested in a controlling influence in nearly all Newcroft's extensive trade. Mercurius has floated a new currency, the Gold Mark in contravention of the orders of the Axirian mint, and has further enraged the Guildscouncil by tariffing traders from the rest of Ithron.

Public opinion has been mustered against the Guildscouncil in Newcroft and it is an unwise thing to admit oneself as a visitor from the south. Under the state of emergency declared by Jonathan de Piercy, visitors are treated almost as criminals, suffering curfew, restrictions of liberties and the constant vigilance of the guards.

Apart from these indignities, Mercurius has somehow almost monopolised the sea trade to Limiannusa, Serrumma and Afikad. While Grimsbrug, Norham and Lindone fleets have suffered extensive piracy, mainly at the hands of Limianusans, Newcroft's ships seem to have avoided such problems, and brought the bulk of the sea trade to Newcroft's markets from which goods are available to Ithron only at an almost criminal mark up. Hence the prices of furs, ironwood and silk (Afikad's ports being the terminus of the land trade route from Ausremir) have almost trebled in Norham.

Berwickshire seems to be turning its back increasingly from Ithron's interests. There is a strong sentiment amongst the populace for some form of independence, and they have increasingly turned back away from Ithron's way to old and barbarous practices. Heresy is rife; Longstor has been all but abandoned in favour of the worship of "Paluen", the church of Vleybor now bears the name of "Marriennu".

The question is, with Berwick gone will the Guildscouncil now act to bring Newcroft back into the fold?"

For Sale: Six taverns, three breweries and eight four-horse carts with horses and stable blocks. Brewery is going broke and the business needs renovation. All the taverns are situated on the Portsdean-Brighthelm-Southoaks road. Part of the repossessed `Jaymzes Ales' chain. 500/- O.N.O Contact Erasmus S. de Carlisle, Paymaster at the Southoaks muster.

An Announcement By The Primate Of Crowa

My greetings to you all,

I, High Father Owyn, Primate of the church of Crowa, would like to thank everyone who helped in the reconsecration of the Crowan shrine in Portsdean. You all proved your worth in a difficult situation. I would also like to put forward my sadness at the unfortunate passing of Sir Robin of the Black Order and Guardsergeant Frederick in combat with a demon that caused much carnage amongst our party. Without their help we may not have prevailed, May Crowa and Kharach smile upon their children who have moved on.

I also have a boon to ask of all the peoples of Ithron. Would any of you who have information regarding the shrines to the Konnish gods please contact me, as I have reason to believe they are attempting to supplant our faith with their won. This must be prevented at all costs. I can be contacted through the church of Crowa in Labry.

May Crowa guide you blades, and your faith remain strong against all foes.

High Father Owyn of Labry

Can anyone who has ever been mates with the Appleseed family of Norham, please contact the Primate of Longstor, as he's having a bit of a downer at the minute. Via Temple of All Gods, Norham, anytime before the Apocalypse.

Sidhean Expansion Begins

Announcing the opening of a new Sidhean shrine in Bolteen, to be called the Lived Ringo Shrine in recognition of its main perpetrators (or should that be founders?). All donations gratefully received, see your local Sidhean representative for details.

High Mother Isllwynon of Caer Marw

Wanted: Any research, notes, or information regarding to the operation, workings or nature of the human mind. Will pay competitive rates, open to negotiation, contact: Ataraxis Akua, Scholar of the Mind, Grimsburg.

Earl Berwick Dies on Crusade

Reports have reached Ithron's shores that the enigmatic Earl Berwick, leader of the Ithronian expeditionary force has fallen in battle in the Holy Lands. Details are unclear at the present time, but it seems to have occurred in a large battle in the vicinity of Saleem where a joint Axirian and western force met with a large Konnish host which included elements of the feared Crimson Tide. Rumours abound that Berwick and many of his Ithronian force were killed in a defensive action that saved the Western army from complete annihilation, allowing the main force to retreat from the field after the battle was effectively lost. The number of casualties are at present unknown, but are said to be extremely heavy amongst the Ithronians, especially of the Escan and Berwickshire units.

The death of Earl Berwick also leaves the seat of Newcroft officially empty, and the remaining local nobles are said to be vying over the Earldom, while many fancy the ever present Cadrach to at last attain the title, from which his father was ousted by Berwick five years ago. The guildscouncil have dispatched a representative to oversee affairs in Newcroft until the ascendancy is decided.

Problems with Vampires: Calling all vampire hunters have your stakes blessed by the primate of Sidhe herself for the once-in-a-lifetime, never-to-be-repeated sum of 2 crowns. Impress you friends, astound your enemies, stake your vampires. Contact High Mother Isllwynon in Caer Marw, Sortho.

Longstorian Makes Supreme Sacrifice

High Father Mikael Delaney of Longstor, head of the Darian diocese, has given up his life to heal the land. In a ritual upon a blasted heath in Valekin lands of Esca, in the face of the howling elements, Mikael volunteered to free his soul into the land, so that it may be cleansed of the foul corruption of the children of Nightshade.

High Father Bankua Mac Roich, who was present said "This is the greatest sacrifice that a man can make for his god and his land. His soul has attained purity, and his blood has purified the land that was defiled. Those who have called him Oathbreaker, especially the Valekin, should now honour his name. He has atoned for any past sins he may have committed, and is one with his Lord. His soul has been freed to find another form."

He went on to say that he would be planting a poplar tree in Darian, next to the Longstorian chapel, so that all may be reminded of Mikael's deed. "It's been known that I have not exactly seen eye to eye with Mikael in the past. This is now forgotten. Mikael's sacrifice was an example to us all".

Newcroft's Slave Market: Largest slave market in the north of the Empire-best selection, best prices and no Slave Tax! It's summer sale time here and we've lots of exciting new offers on!

Lirronese: Fresh from the annual clan wars (discounts for maimed) great for arena fights: From 40/-

Halflings: Good cooks and housekeepers - clean, house-trained: From 15/-

Dwarves: Solid workers and labourers: From 20/-

Konn: Fresh from the siege at Acra, they're all the rage this year, every home should have one: From 40/-

Come to Newcroft or contact your local offices for details and our latest catalogue.

House Mercurius and the Newcroft Commercial Council.

Wine Merchant and sons in Death Puzzle

Polonius Swift, one of the most prominent wine importers in the country and father of the Guildmaster Alchemist was last week found dead in his Norham home. The family physician has yet to disclose an official cause of death. Polonius' two other sons Mortimer and Robert were the following day reported killed in a bizarre hunting accident outside Norham, the details of which Foresters have yet to report. Guildmastser Redswift is said to be tying up the affairs of his later father's estate.

Exclusive Vacations for Enchanters: See the Giadunese Riviera in all of its glory, from the safety of a large Chateau, with underground cellar facilities. 100/- for a week, every dream fulfilled. If the worlds going to end, end it with a Bang! Spend it, while you've got it! Contact Courronne Estates, Giadum. Discounts for Friends of The Don.

Tellin'it like it is

I am writing this letter to publically set matters straight regarding certain unfortunate events that beset me during the month of Budding. At the recent gathering of adventurers to oppose to demoness Chidarra I found myself the victim of the late Schoolmaster Demonologist Serian Warn's overinflated ego. Firstly may I take the time to thank Imbrahil Kinslayer, Defender of the faith of the most blessed lady Tralda, for his aid in my trial. If truth be known I was never worried about the outcome of the trial as I knew with all of my heart that the lady Tralda would not desert one of her sons in his hour of need.

I have never consorted with demons and was as surprised as anyone when the horde of big red things with horns came storming into the courthouse. Even the divine wind of justice himself seemed surprised, as he beat a hasty retreat muttering something about a spare pair of trousers. At least my faith has been strengthened, what a stroke of luck that the aforementioned schoolmaster should be killed by these demons. Thus rendering the trumped up, farcical charge of assault he brought against me null and void.

If anyone is to blame for the death of the schoolmaster Serian, it is the schoolmaster himself. The only other thing I ever saw him do when presented with demons was run, screaming like a baby, crying for his mother. Let us hope for Ithron's sake that somewhere within the school of Demonology is someone who has the backbone and strength of will to battle these otherworldly fiends, someone interested in more than their own self importance.

Arrillon Talentyre, Devoted Father of Tralda

Print This Or Die Column

To the Labry Militia,

I am not who you think I am. I have done nothing wrong. Leave me alone or you will be sorry.


Sidheans In Advertising Scam ?

Needing to promote your business? Sales flagging, targets seeming unreachable? Ever though about what advertising could do for your revenue?

For a pre-arranged sum you local Sidhean priestess will be happy, nay, delighted to advertise your needs on a suitable placard whilst adventuring. For Example: "Stiletto De Vetinari, Enchanter Supreme, seeks magic items and charged scrolls of all natures. Contact him in Escarine." All proceeds of this advertising venture go to church funds.

Anyone from the Lindone Area who fancies a damn good ruck ? We're gonna get a bit of payback on these cultists. Meet at the Eric Weaver Shrine of Crowa, a week today. Bring a big stick wi' nails in it!!!

Nobles Nail Necromancy

Statement from the Lord High Necromancer of the Blacklands,

"I, Baron Jocelyn Staffort, steward of the Western Blacklands, do hereby denounce the practice of Necromancy. For too long have I been corrupted by this evil school of dark magics. Unfortunately there are now a number of uncontrolled undead in the area created by myself before Ambassador Hadil showed me the error of my ways. To prevent the misuse of these creatures I hereby declare an undead control tax of 100/- this will be levied on anyone issuing orders to any form of undead within the Western Blacklands. I also denounce any claim of ownership over any silent workers. Any undead may now be destroyed at well."

Vleyborian Anti-Apocalyptic Sit Down Protest: We will will the Apocalypse away! A serious discussion of the pros and cons of the end of the world, followed by splitting off into smaller round-robin groups for the free Love-In. Norham Chapel and Soup Kitchen, a week on Thursday, bring a cushion.

Statement from Earl Strawley

"After discussion with my son I can announce that I fully support the declaration by he other Nobles of Ithron. No trade goods from Berwickshire will be allowed to enter the Blacklands, with a fine of 200% of the articles worth being charged to anyone found dealing in such items. I endorse Baron Staffort's undead control tax, and extend it to cover the whole of the lands under my control. Finally I must announce that the followers of the fire cult have moved to the area and that their beliefs are not apparently heretical."

(of Newcroft
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Noble Nails Noble

Within the last couple of days it has become clear that Earl De-Montfort of Labry has placed Lord Ashfordby under house arrest. Soldiers still loyal to the lord have been rounded up in a series of confrontations. It is believed that it may have something to do with the fact that Lord Ashfordby turned down the invitation to the gathering of the nobles of Ithron a few months ago and has publically voiced opinions against the self styled Ambassador. Though the picture is still unclear it seems that the Earl has taken over the administration and control of the Lord's lands giving himself unrivaled authority in the Labry area. We await more news of these events. The local arranged marriage planned for this month, is likely to be canceled as the dowry for the wedding has been stolen, almost definitely to prevent the political stability the marriage would provide.

To All Guards: Come on if you think you're hard enough! with love and kisses, the Foresters. (Much as I hate to admit it, this was a genuine submission for printing, but a member of the Foresters Guild.)

Necromancer Nails Noble

Even with the tide of opinion turning against myself and my fellow school members, I will be at Southoaks. After this however I swear that until this persecution of necromancers ends the lords of the land will have to deal with their own undead problems. I was interested to discover the situation in the Blacklands, and frankly its your own stupid fault. You pompous asses need us now more than ever, but you have made your choice so you must live with it. If Fidar Guist reads this or is vaguely interested in what is happening, we need to talk.

Tobias Oliver Van-Geltz, Master mage Necromancer of Labry.

Top Evening For All: The Sidhean church in Caer Marw would like to welcome all believers to a jellied eels and tripe evening. Tickets are 6 pennies a piece, buy them soon however as the event is expected to be a sell-out. (bring your own fence).

Afternoons Entertainment

On the afternoon of the 20th day of Shielding 996, a public trial and summary execution of all witches in the area is to be held by Judge Shokah Wolf, Witchfinder General of Sortho and Ithron, in Norham City Centre. Prizes to be given to the artist who captures on canvas the most spectacular and gory demise. Competitions, sideshows, cheap chariot hubs and fun for all the family.

Next Issue, if there is one: The Start of Fantasy Adventuring Parties. You've got 150/- to hire a party, who will fill your offense, your defense and most importantly be your party captain. Choose a superstar like Neil, Primate of Longstor for 40/- of fill it with grunts, 2/- per Knight. The choice is yours, get your form next issue.

If the world does end, then it was us, the Editing Staff, that firebombed the presses of that two-bit rag `The Newcroft Chronicle' in Budding. Nah, Nah, Nah.

Full appointed positions lists and addresses will be published following a death count after the Southoaks muster and engagement. Keep your eyes peeled and you might see intrepid Erasmus D. De Carlisle, reporting on the spot.

Bonus this Issue: Your very own cut out and keep "Book of Prophesies." Not available in any shops!! We decided that if Fezna had read it, why shouldn't we all, besides the worlds going to end before anyone can sue us!

The Exclusive 'Prophesy of Southoaks', was given to the Mages Guild Research Post in Southoaks by Fezna Hadil, apparently it is one of three prophesies he has, be he handed this one over, to prove we should just accept our fate. The original now resides with Hadrian Guildscouncil Secretary.

The Prophesy of Portsdean

I have lived in my future and seen tomorrow, I have sacrificed my life and vitality to walk where my dreams have merely allowed me to glance. Khrad-Semil has been violated by the watcher for all of this time, the red souled mage is acting as the watchers pawn in ignorance, even though the mage was the source of the corruption.

The time of the Necropolis would be foretold by four apocalyptic events. First shall come the last of the first of humanity, bearing a demons taint on his heart and mind, he shall be the Harbinger of War.

Secondly shall come a Lord of Daemo-Semil, King of his realm, given passage to this one by a cowards flight in the past and the soul of the Red mage continued and his pacts gave the Lord passage. The Lord would touch the land and his caress would bring with it Pestilence, the Killer now sees.

During the third phase, Paluen shall walk the land with a slave to soulfire and this will cause the destruction of Red Ones wards. The Slave and his children shall come and they will be the emissaries of Famine

These three disasters will be misread by eyes blurred by the suffering they caused. They are not things to be overcome barriers to be scaled, they are the three chances to accept a fate more pleasant than the end that I saw. If the people of the land, touched by the Bringers of War, Pestilence and Famine, prove they will not surrender to a dark fate then they allow the Fourth Phase of my vision to unfold. If my notes are heeded and not just taken as ranting, take mortal suffering and accept your doom, lest you be damned for eternity.

I felt myself follow the path of the future and as I tried to remember what I had seen I saw three people change and this heralded a path to open the way for the fourth phase. The Killer has the key to his ambitions given to him in faith by friends, and he acts. The Actor gives the weakness of one to the others and watches. The Watcher acts and then strikes when asked to, with the Killer and the Actor as his assassins.

At one moment I became aware of a man able to sit in judgement of the Gods, he utters a phrase. If he speaks falsely due to the Actors corruption, the wheel will turn. If he speaks truthfully, the Killers key shall open his throat and the wheel will turn. In my vision, both occurred as one, as my mind hurried to reach the end of this jaunt.

With the Death of Corruption of this man, the Necropolis will rise at the place marked by the Bringers and the Gates will open and the souls of those damned for eternity will flood this land, to populate and pass judgement on those who survive and in the wake of the Necropolis the Land will know Death !!!

Take heed and prepare as armed with the knowledge that I must act, I also know that I cannot.

Written by the Necromancer, Tibor Goodwin of Southoaks in the year CXVI

The Prophesy of Darian

Part I:

I have seen the end, the end of one life and the death of a millennia of love. By the burning of a flame, the man was devoured by his lost destiny and then the lovers met for the first time in a thousand years. To see each other every dawn for eternity but never again to know the touch of each others flesh, only to feel their own and share in their lovers unending torture, never to love again.

Which is the poorer world, the safe world left after the destruction of a thousand years of love or the desolate land filled with the possibility of such an all consuming love existing again. An easy choice for all but the Torchbearer.

Part II:

I see a beast unleashed in the past, bringing death to one, and chaos for centuries after. From the death of one came forth two who would aid in the rejoining. Both willing to lose their mortality, for a millennia of suffering followed by an eternity in damnation, to create a Black Light and a Red Mist, the Red Mists Soul was curiously snagged. The Black Mist devoured the Red Light as soon as the flames touched the Key, and the son wept alone in his solitude before the Flames of Kharach took his Soul.

Written by the Konnish Philosopher, Asrim in the city of Saleem in the year XVI

The Prophecy of Labry

Now is the time of three, where cycles of three have spiraled together waiting for almost a thousand years. I do not know how I was awakened to see what others are unaware of, but I fell the weight bearing down on me, guilty because of what I know. Above all I feel the Black Hand move even now and although I know the visions are of the future we are all dancing to his tune even now.

The Red made the Demon and the Man collide in the past and in the future, the Man shall be pushed by the Black Hand into offering us, in ravaged Ithron, our first apocalypse.

The Black offered his incarnates Brother Heaven, and as the Black Hand forced the God to roam the land, dying Ithron shall be offered its second apocalypse.

The Read offered the land to blight, the excuse being a betrayal and as the Black Hand holds apart the planes, blighted Ithron shall be offered its third and final chance at life.

At this point my vision always continues even though the land is doomed, the Black Hand shall visit the land for the first time in the guise of a long lost friend, this image is too unclear, but he shall leave soon after. He merely needs to open three doorways into the hearts of the people, soon enough the three brothers shall arrive and herald the destruction of all. At this point, dream seems to meld with reality as the Black Hand seems almost to be moving my tower across the land. It is always at this point that Fezna wakes me, it must be that my screams awaken him at the same point each night.

This is the final ending, so what we must do is clear, we must accept a lesser damnation. We can choose the form of our doom, and we have only three chances to prevent the loss of everything.

If these rantings seem nothing more than the drivellings of an old man then so be it, but with the climax of almost five years work culminating tonight, I felt the need to relieve myself of this burden, so that others may know. My dark skinned assistant will be wondering where I am, please believe me as I have faith in my eyes.

Written by the Necromancer, Fidar Guist of Labry in the year CCCXXI

The Prophesy of Southoaks

The dark man will mark a time two centuries before, he will choose a place, break that countries will and prepare the vessels for his family. The white men are moved by the dark man's will. The dark man will manipulate the threads of the dead and the living and give the land a choice of better dooms. The dark man will make a pact with the three first damned and trade power for his land. The slaves of Lodo-Semil will dance upon the land to the dark man's tune. The whole of existence will bend to fit the scheme of the dark man. The dark man tends the threads of his family, never to see the cycle broken.

The dark man stalks the land, and the one hope of the land will be lost and then gained by the dark man, an old friend. The land will die, either by the machinations of the dark man of by the people's own hand, the price is the same. The land is betrayed of will betray itself because of the dark man. The gods themselves will weep with pain or fury at the thoughts of the dark man, if they could but see him. The judge may speak falsehood. The judge may die. The portents will reign upon the now damed land, a city shall fall into the sea, the heart of the land will die and the dead shall rise to reclaim their homes.

Nothing will stop this dark man, his will is unshakeable, his goal shall be achieved, the souls of the land or the spirit of the country, will be his terrible price. I know that this is etched in stone and cannot be changed as surely as I know that this vision will call the dark man, I will see the dawn no more.

Written by Johann Gerber of Southoaks in the year CMXCVI