Mary Shannon
School: General
Rank: Apprentice
Master: Cassius Garlic
Joined Guild: Midcold 1001
Race: Human
Residence: Sintel
Information: Ms Shannon is a 28 yr old spinster from Sintel. Having developed a taste for learning as a child, she was eager to expand on her education but was only really free to do this once the last of her two younger siblings left home this year. Ms Shannon had become the head of the household at 20, when her father, a Kharachian Priest, failed to return from an Oxenford mission to destroy a liche. Her mother had died in childbirth ten years before. Currently, Ms Shannon resides in Sintel. She devotes her time to her new studies and assists her Master by teaching reading and writing in his newly established Great Barrier School for Disadvantaged Kids. She detests truancy.