Mercenaries Newsletter 1998 - LS

Killing Times, Issue 1, Summereve 998

Cluster Frag at Hadsfield

This War is over and a punch drunk Ithron manages to stagger on. The Guilds Council forces after an initial bloody victory fell to a crashing defeat resulting in the release of a new threat on the land and its people. How has this happened? Due to the incompetence of the so called leaders of Ithron that day. The meddling of the churches and the law guilds meant that many a good soldier didn't live to collect his gold. The invaders defeated the bulk of the Guilds Council forces in battle. Mercenary Companies involved in th fighting did well and after the nobles finally defeated the invaders have been withdrawn to Labry for some down time.

Okay as a Guild the Mercs fought well and hard I salute the dead and congratulate the living. Several individuals and groups must be mentioned. Firstly and foremostly Josh Nails, the boss, what can say he wrestled ghouls, shot high primates and went one on one with the dark Kharach. He stepped down as Mayor and Colour Sergeant after the battle as he felt he had failed the people. He asked me to take over the guild I'll do my best to look after you all. Don't worry about Josh though he's still in the guild and has a new job suited to his talents (see promotions). A slap on the back goes to the Sintel Militia who are good fighters and did their duty guarding the camp when others wouldn't keep it up. Right that's me done.

S G Jones

Tagged and Bagged

This is where we raise a glass and remember those poor bastards who zigged when they should have zagged.

Merc Sergeant Gabriel Creed of the Raptor Legion

Born in Guiaden (not Axir) allegedly he was fighting and wenching before he could talk. I first came across him by reputation when the Raptors were ordered to infiltrate a Konnish city. I forget which one, the Raptors ran rampage behind the walls drawing off enough defenders so the city could be taken. Of course the knights got the glory and the Raptors got the loot (and women and children). After being disbanded Creed returned to Ithron and brought some of his boys with him. He quickly butchered his way to the rank of sergeant in the guild, not letting his faith get in the way of healthy ambition and greed. Creed was assassinated after the battle of Hadensfield. Assassin unknown but highly suspected. There are many times when I could have happily choked the life from him however he never broke a contract and was good to have on your side (never behind you).

Cheers Creed (do they have protection rackets in the halls of the gods?)

Romirez Chavex of the Templar Order

A strange fellow who was a former member of the Guild before losing his way. He gets a mention here as he fought in my unit during the first battle. He died protecting the unit not in some glory charge, pity more knights aren't like him.

Euridius Hypokrities - Guildsman

I never met the fellow all I know is that he was a Sintel member and a hard man. Enough said.

To all the other who died bad luck, have fun with the gods and your share of the pay has come in handy.

Promotions and Demotions


From Merc Sergeant to Colour Sergeant
promoted after the first battle for being hard by Nails went from freesword to full sergeant.
also promoted by Nails to sergeants ranks after the first battle
Josh had a bit of a rough war and as you all know stepped down as both mayor and colour sergeant. As of this moment I am appointing him to the new position of Guild Enforcer.

He will dish out punishment to people who make the mistake of messing with us (and yes Josh you can keep the portable torture chamber, enjoy).


Who's hiring in Ithron, Any one who needs Mercs place the ad here

Mercs extra troops need to fill the gaps in the ranks of the mercenary companies depleted in the recent war. The companies have a contract with the Earl of Derwentshire Roderick de Savona to assist in the clearance of town of Darien

Good pay, good lot

The Quartermaster of the Guild

Coming Soon

But why me Sarge?

Questions answered the first topic - guards and foresters who the hell do they think they are? Don't they know what sub guild means?

More Ways to kill you than kill you than there are to die!

Top tips from Josh Nails and others

In Country (or tales from the front)

War stories and reports of who fighting who and why and how to profit from it, where you live.

Between a rock and a hard place - An Account of the 1st battle of Hadsfield

I survived, got paid and we met our objective, as battles go that makes it a goodun by my standards. We were ordered out in order to prevent a dark version of Kharach from entering a menhir (that's a big magic rock for you grunts out there). I was confident as we set out we had Josh Nails a gaggle of scouts some crowans and Dread Doc Carroway. I was a little disturbed as the primate of Kharach was not with us as we set out. I was in charge of a small unit of 4 mercs and one Templar Squire. We held rear guard throughout the initial skirmishing on the way to stone (it was at this point that we were caught up by a posse of Kharachians). Once we got to the menhir the real fighting started beardies came on but the only real problems were caused by the elderkin. Our losses remained light until after on charge the Crowan unit recklessly pursued fleeing enemies and lost several of their number.

Then the Jarls men attacked hardened veterans all. The assault broke the weakened Crowans allowing them behind us, the line shattered and only the blessing of Tralda and quick healing by those not too scared to come out of the circle of protection saved us (I don't know who healed me but thanks).

The rest of the fight involved Mulg, Primate of Kharach, and others holding back the dark god whilst attempts were made to kill it (good punches were landed by Nails) personally I had the overwhelming urge to stab up a black knight and I don't remember much after that.

We won the battle if not the war and all the mercs who fought in the battle did damn well, thanks for covering my back boys and girls.