The Newcroft Chronicle

From the Norham Herald, Summer 1999 - LS

News of the area from before the Fest....

Berwickshire Retaliates

After weeks of Lirronese raids in the heart of Berwickshire Lord De Villaret's militia, the Company of the Stag ventured into Lirron for the first time. After being relieved of border patrol, by Axirian reinforcements from the southern Black Knight Keep, the company amassed in Boxley. The company left he small fortified encampment, on the site of the razed border town, after a group lead by Berwickshire's mages returned unsuccessfully. The cowards ran at the first signs of danger and left it to the Military regiments under our Thane's control. The Company successfully defeated the clan's cult leader before Lirronese reinforcements arrived. Dominic Flessan, leader of the Company of the Stag, had these words. "Our initial cavalry charge left their defences in tatters and scattered many within the town of Cragmoore, and we turned out attentions on the head of the cult. A despicable man, damned by all seven stood before us and crackled as he thrust his staff upon the floor. Our horses went wild and most of our horsemen were dismounted by the ghostly apparition summoned by the sacrilegious shaman. Undeterred my men fought boldly on to a bloody victory over our enemies.

Let us all hope that this marks the turning point of this war of faith.

To all Guards, Foresters, Scouts and Mercenaries

I, Fritz Lang Sheriff of Newcroft, have been made aware of the corruption abound with Carlech before its fall. This fate will not be shared by Newcroft or Berwickshire. Corruption is the first step on a path towards your betrayal of your oaths to your guilds and to Ithron. I appeal to you all to be vigilant, rewards will be offered for you co-operation in the banishment of this crime from Berwickshire

Carlech Falls in Town Riot

After the recent assassination that almost slew Edmond Gaunt, and reports of his men replacing the cities Guards after their sheriff was arrested for corruption, Carlech citizens have rebelled. After the western border guard was cut, to reinforce out eastern border with Lirron, the Racleith's, supported by warriors from many other tribes, overran Pendrakes men on the west. They then marched n Carlech and reportedly surrounded it. The crowds within, incited by the former head of the cities merchant council G. Mecurius, began skirmishes with the city guard. With bad weather hampering the deployment of Black Order reinforcements the city fell just one day after it was surrounded. With troops required to defend the Passes through the mountains and our eastern front few men remain to retake the city. It is reportedly under siege by the Black Order who hope to retake the city within the week. The Newcroft Chronicle strongly urges any readers who can to take up arms in preparation for the eventual Lirronese assault on the remainder of Berwickshire. We must fight once more for our beliefs in Ithron and the seven.

LOCAL BYLAWS: The use, sale of possession of any poisons (excluding physicians' drugs) is forbidden. The practice of the teachings of Demonology and Necromancy, without prior permission from the Thane of Berwickshire, is Outlawed. Persons discovered committing such acts shall be arrested and bound in an Iron collar until trial.

Consorting with the forces of Evil and Darkness shall be punishable by the brand B, to demark the guilty fiend's betrayal of Ithron, whom will then be banished from Berwickshire.

Newcroft saved from Lirrons. How the local press saw it.

Combined Guildscouncil, Knights and local noble forces soundly defeated the Lirrons and allies in Newcroft. The Merchant Council sent some Militia to help out and they were in the thick of the fighting. As allies the Lirrons had Foulspawn, traitor dwarves from Dun Murdo, undead an apparently some weird Lirrons who could change into Bears. The Lirrons were apparently worshipping some "Ancestor spirits". These proved to be the trapped souls of a High Priest of each of the Seven Gods of Light. At the temple of the Seven, rituals were performed to each God which free these souls and finally destroyed the power the Lirrons had cruelly stolen and abused. Three of our locals were involved in the rituals. High Father Leon performed the Traldan one, Father Vincent Solo performed the Longstorian one and Master Necromancer Evella performed the final release of the spirits. It was rumoured that in the process Evella accidentally cast over 15 spells at the crowd watching including 5 strike downs. No one was seriously hurt for long. It is rumoured that the Archmage Luis Darkmere has made the local Lord De Villaret eat his family flag. He is also due to publicly admit that Necromancers and Demonologists are not banned anymore and are really nice people. This is after Peter De Bunny and Evella both Master Necromancers were an essential part of the ritual to free the Priests spirits.

Bob the Militia Man

How the Mages Guild saw.... The Events that killed the Kiltfest Three.

In a supreme display of bravery at the recent festival of Newcroft the Mages present risked life and limb in order to destroy and evil magical book. Although the Guildmaster Alchemist had offered to concoct a potion that would dissolve the book it was felt by the mages that the inevitable huge explosion would be fatal to all. So retiring to a sage distance a brave associate of the guild opened the book. What happened next is best described by one of our roving reporters who saw everything. "So a load of use were stood outside the tavern watching this bloke. The brave Mages were stood in the tavern doorway watching the proceedings and one of them was stood behind the guy with the book. There were a load of religious people wandering around being nosy but apparently they were warned so what happened to them was their problem. Suddenly all these undead turned up, you might even say the Evil Undead. Well anyway they seemed pretty upset that the book was open and started on everyone. The heroic mage and associate near the book were chopped up almost immediately. The nosy religious lot got jumped next and everything was confusion as a bunch of ghouls ran riot outside and a wedge of big skeletons attacked the tavern. I personally hid in a bush but I saw everyone outside scatter, many hacked up and then systematically paralysed and choked.

Mass panic enveloped those inside the tavern and it was only the brave efforts of the super-fly mages that prevented the skeletons breaching the door. Eventually the religious lot started to react by note before the glorious Archmage was cut down by one of the dozen skeletons he was trying to hold off by himself.

By now a load of Ghouls had found the rear door to the tavern and was trying to breach it. They were being held back by a couple of religious guys who were actually crying for their mothers, they were that scared. Eventually a dashing wizard saved the day by stabbing all 8 ghouls with his enchanted dagger, thus giving the religious lot time to stop blubbing and compose themselves.

From my viewpoint it was now obvious that unless someone did something the wounded outside were going to die. With no thought for his own safety Luis Darkmere leapt 8 foot from a tavern window into the midst of t some undead. What happened next was somewhat of a blur but when the dust settled Luis stood unharmed amongst a huge pile of mouldering corpses. Seeing him as the most dangerous threat a swarm of wraiths converged on the Archmage, who was forced to retreat to the second front being held by members of the Guild of Mercenaries. These courageous few distracted the undead long enough for the rest of the honourable mages to lead the others out of the tavern to help those outside.

As the last of the Ghouls was dispatched I emerged and discovered that three brave souls had lost their lives, including the cool Enchanter Pellinore Brimstone and the awesome Mike Oxhard, Oh and Azekial. While it is a tragic loss for the Mages guild their humble leader was heard to have said that any sacrifice would be borne if it kept the people of Ithron free.

What a guy he is!!.