John Alan Dennis: Textbooks

This is a listing of the textbooks we found on John's Shelves. If you are interested in any or all of these please get in touch.
  1. Peter Alexander. Atomic Radiation and Life. Pelican, 1957.
  2. T. Alper (ed). Cell Survival after Low Doses of Radiation: theoretical and clinical implications: Proceedings of the Sixth LH Gray Conference, Beford College, London, 16-21 September 1974. The Institute of Physics, John Wiley and Sons, 1975.
  3. S. Okada. Radiation Biochemisty Volume I: Cells. Academic Press, 1970.
  4. F. L. Arnot. Collision Processes in Gases (third edition, Methuen's Monographs on Physical Subjects. Methuen and Co Ltd, 1946.
  5. K. F. Baverstock and J. W. Stather. Low Dose Radiation. Taylor and Francis, 1989.
  6. V. A. Biryukov, M. M. Lebedenko and A. M. Ryzhov. Joint Institute for Nuclear Research and Dubna (U.S.S.R). Veb Deutscher Verlag fur Grundstoffindustrie, 1960.
  7. Daniel Blanc. Les Reacteurs Atomiques. Presses Universitaires de France, 1986.
  8. Daniel Blanc. La Surete Nucleaire. Presses Universitaires de France, 1982.
  9. J. H. Bowen and E. F. O. Masters. Nuclear Reactor Control and Instrumentation.. Nuclear Engineering Monographs, Temple Press, 1959.
  10. Tom Burns and G. M. Stalker, The Management of Innovation. Tavistock Publications, 1961.
  11. K. H. Chadwick, G. Moschini and M. N. Varma, Biophysical Modelling of Radiation Effects. Adam Hilger, 1991.
  12. M. Ebert and A. Howard. Current Topics in Radiation Research Volume V. North-Holland, 1970.
  13. M. M. Elkind and G. F. Whitmore. The Radiobiology of Cultured Mamalian Cells. Gordon and Breach, 1967.
  14. Evans. The Atomic Nucleus. McGraw-Hill, 1955.
  15. O. R. Frisch (ed). The Nuclear Handbook. George Newnes Limited, 1958.
  16. A. E. Green (ed). High Rish Safety Technology. Wiley, 1982.
  17. Christopher Layton. European Advanced Technology: A Programme for Integration. George Allen and Unwin, 1969.
  18. D. E. Lea. Actions of Radiations on Living Cells, Second Edition. Cambridge, 1962.
  19. Martha S. Linet. The Leukemias: Epidemiologic Aspects. Oxford University Press, 1985.
  20. John F. Loutit. Irradiation of Mice and Men. Chicago, 1962.
  21. Massey and Burhop. Electonic and Ionic Impact Phenomena. Oxford University Press, 1952.
  22. Raymond L. Murray. Nuclear Reactor Physics. Macmillan and Co Ltd, 1959
  23. Jay Orear, A. H. Rosenfeld and R. A. Schluter (eds). Nuclear Physicis: A course given by ENRICO FERMI at the University of Chicago (Revised Edition). The University of Chicago Press, 1950.
  24. Price. Nuclear Radiation Detection, McGraw-Hill Series in Nuclear Engineering. McGraw-Hill, 1958.
  25. C. E. Purdom. Genetic Effects of Radiations. George Newnes Limited, 1963.
  26. Read. Radiation Biology of Vicia Faba in Relation to the General Problem. Blackwell, 1959.
  27. K. Sankaranarayanan. Genetic Effects of Ionizing Radiation in Multicellular Eukaryotes and the Assessment of Genetic Radiation Hazards in Man.. Elsevier Biomedical, 1982.
  28. J. Sharpe. Nuclear Radiation Detectors, Methuen's Monographs on Physical Subjects. Methuen and Co Ltd, 1955.
  29. Sugahara, Sagan and Aoyama (eds). Low Dose Irradiation and Biological Defense Mechanisms. Excerpta Medica, 1992.
  30. J. J. Syrett. Nuclear Reactor Theory. Nuclear Engineering Monographs, Temple Press, 1958.
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  32. D. H. Wilkinson. Ionization Chambers and Counters, Cambridge Monographs on Physics. Cambridge, 1950.
  33. K. G. Zimmer. Quantitative Radiation Biology. Oliver and Boyd, 1961.
  34. Nuclear Accident Dosimetry Systems: Proceedings of a Panel, Vienna, 17-21 February, 1969. International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna, 1970.
  35. Personnel Dosimetry Techiques for External Radiation: their application in nuclear installations, Symposium, Madrid, 1963. European Nuclear Energy Agency of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, 1963.