To Neithan from Aerin

My Lord Neithan

I was at the court this morning to hear the result of the trial of the
criminal Conath as promised and I'm afraid I have ill news to send

In the course of teh journey back, my Lord Ragnor felt the need to
make conversation with the prisoner.  Unfortunately during the cours
of the trial the prosectation felt that the prisoner had undergone
prior interrogation by Ragnor and there was no other result possible
than to let the prisoner go free much to the consternation of all
interested parties as you will concur with I believe!

The sailor Ilvirin and I later visister Bauglir at the port authority
to report the result of Ilvirin's searching which suggested that
Conath has already been sent down the Anduin discretely via ferry.
B. suggested that Ilvirin should join the organisation of a person
called the 'straight man' in order to inflitrate the 'pirate'
organisation and find may be the source of the tip off.  I undertook
to appraise you of these intention to see if  you agreed?  Please send
an answer by return if yo are displeased with any projected

Your faithful servant